Why haven’t I heard of TA before?

We’ve been here over 85 years but admit that our marketing hasn’t been keeping up with our show producing, so with the relaunch of this website we are signaling our commitment of more time and money to letting everyone know about us.  


What do you charge clients, the people/groups who hire you to put on shows?

That’s based on the client’s budget.  Some clients can pay us from their existing resources, sometimes we get mini-grants.  Our first choice is to meet our clients’ needs in every way, including budget, while factoring in TA’s needs to sustain our programs and services.


How can I stay in touch with what TA is doing?

Put yourself on our mailing list.  (JB note – should be hotlink)


Can anyone join TA?

We don’t turn anyone away.  We are an inclusive organization.  We need volunteers to help with all aspects of developing, preparing and putting on a wide variety of shows.  If you wish to perform in a show, an audition is required.


Where do you perform?

Mostly in the San Gabriel Valley and some other locations in Los Angeles County, but we do work elsewhere in Southern California when the right opportunity presents itself.


Have any other questions? Write to donna@theatreamericana.com