Spirited Away’s Dazzling Stage Adaptation

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Just as Theatre Americana has brought exciting performances to its audiences since 1935, GKIDS, an American film distributor, will bring an exciting new show to audiences across the US this Spring. 

When Spirited Away first hit the silver screen, it received global praise and grossed $395.8 million at the worldwide box office. It became Japan’s highest-earning film of all time and was universally adored.

In the adored animated Studio Ghibli film, Chihiro and her parents are on a road trip. While exploring their destination, the family stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park. Unfortunately, Chihiro’s parents are turned to pigs after greedily eating food they didn’t pay for, and she embarks on a journey to save her parents from their inhuman fate. The film comments on Japanese society, takes inspiration from traditional art, architecture, and folklore, all while maintaining the whimsy of a Studio Ghibli movie. 

Starting in Spring 2023, audiences will be able to see Spirited Away in a new, unique way—on stage. 

GKIDS acquired the North American rights for the stage production of Spirited Away. The stage production was directed by John Caird, who directed and adapted the classic musical Les Miserables. The stage production includes Japan’s best contemporary actors, as well as Mari Natsuki, who originally voiced Yubaba and Zeniba in the film.