“Preserving the legacy of recognizing American Playwrights.” Theatre Americana’s mission is to continue to serve American playwrights by producing their original work, and help build vibrant communities through the performing arts.

Currently, Theatre Americana is one of the last theater companies to be formed in the 1930’s that is still in existence today.  After 80 years in community theater, Theatre Americana continues to stay true to their mission of supporting the work of original playwrights, and we continue to bring live performances of music and dance to our audiences.

Let us know how we can help you with your fundraising  efforts or provide a customized program for your organization.  We really are here for you… all you have to do is ask.

Theatre Americana is privileged to be recognized by the Tournament of Roses® Foundation as a 2017 grant recipient. The grant is for a multi-media system to support and enhance the visual and audio segments of our rehearsals and performances for senior members. Purchase of this equipment is supported in full with funds received from the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation. We thank the Foundation for recognizing this special need.

Theatre Americana thanks the Los Angeles County Arts Commission for a grant to support the production of original work by local playwrights. Thank you to the Commission for recognizing and supporting the performing arts in our community.

Theatre Americana collaborates with organizations that provide social, educational, and health programs for children, adults and seniors through performing arts projects. We have helped raise thousands of dollars for charitable organizations through volunteering.  Theatre Americana members donate countless hours of rehearsal time to provide a quality and culturally enriching experience in community theatre for all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

Mentoring Program

Ask us about our “Seniors to Youth – A Musical for All Seasons” mentoring program.  A program that helps young aspiring artists who have a desire to pursue the arts learn stage protocol and gain stage and performance experience, or need volunteer community service hours to complete their curriculum.