50’s – 80’s Trip the Light Fantastic

Doo wop and disco to your favorite numbers with audiences singing and dancing in the aisles. Do the stroll, the mashed potato and the hustle, as we take you on a musical journey and trip the light fantastic through time.

60’s Revisited

Audiences enjoy swaying to the music of this era while wearing their bell bottoms and putting flowers in their hair. Join the tie-dye generation and spread a little peace and love with us. Tambourines and love beads welcome.

Broadway Bliss

A musical review of some of the most popular Broadway melodies of all time with dancing and lots of glitz. A special performance of “Masquerade” from Phantom in full costume brings a little night music to our audiences. We bring Broadway right to your neighborhood without you having to go through security at the airport.

Mary of the Avenue

Mary of the Avenue was co-written by Greg Wood and Neil Scanlan, and is a lighthearted musical about street people living in New York City. The play is about a woman, Mary, who graces the streets of Manhattan, wearing Broadway playbills in the lining of her weathered coat to keep her warm. She keeps an array of colorful street characters as her friends who will make you laugh at their delusional, yet refreshing outlook on life. Mary’s life is turned upside down when her daughter, Carrie, seeks help in finding Mary to bring her home. The play is charming, light hearted and filled with wonderful music based on original scores, with such songs as ” Designer Clothes”, “Homeless Not Hopeless”, “Sacks of Fifth Avenue”, ”Life’s a Pisser” and more.

Meet Me at the Turn of the Century

Turn of the Century costumes make this parade of large hats and bowlers a wonderful experience for audiences. Take a ride on the trolley and the Atchison Topeka and bring a parasol in case it rains. It’s a perfect addition to welcoming any season.

An Oscar for Mom

A beautiful tribute to all mothers or to any woman who have made a difference in someone’s life. It’s perfect for a Mother/Daughter Tea or for celebrating Mother’s Day. There’s even a children story with talking animals. A memorable experience for all who attend.

Polynesian Paradise

An audio & visual masterpiece. The costumes are colorful and the music brings the South Pacific to our audiences for a very enchanting evening. This show includes a fire dance with a drumming number with a boar’s head ceremony.

Tribute to Our Military Show

Memorable songs from the World War II era with so much grandness and pride our audiences sometimes stand for the whole performance. It has a nostalgic feel with a patriotic flair. Cast is costumed to represent all branches of the service.

Tribute to Our Military Holiday Show

Enjoy a traditional holiday show looking through the eyes of our military men and women. A military march to Winter Wonderland brings a new twist to a traditional song.

When The Spirit Moves You

A spiritual array of moving and inspirational music with some toe-tapping gospel and lyrical dances. It’s the best way to celebrate new beginnings with the Sisters of the Helpless Order of Mary.

Wild West Wonder

Enjoy the history of the west with music that makes audiences want to sing for their supper. It’ might be fun to play cowboys and Indians again – but don’t mess with the cowgirls.

All of our shows include full costumes, and we can provide our own sound and/or lighting systems.

Do you have a special show idea in mind?

We can design a show theme to your specifications.