Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary Celebration at CSUN

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Theatre Americana’s long history has contributed to the culture and richness of our community, and the hip hop genre has done the same. For 50 years, the genre has had a huge impact on our culture, and fought for change. From artists like 2Pac to Kendrick Lamar, some of hip hop’s greatest artists have come out of LA. 

Cal State Northridge held an all-day hip hop celebration on Friday, April 21 at the Soraya Performing Arts Center. The genre’s 50th anniversary was celebrated with free events including freestyle dance battles, graffiti installations, and live performances. Plus, a rare interview with journalist, radio personality, producer, and former rapper, Sway Calloway. 

If you missed this event, no worries! Celebrate Broadway and the Bloom Again Foundation with Theatre Americana on April 28th & 29th. You can find tickets here. Hope to see you there!