Partner Feature: the Bloom Again Foundation

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Natasha is a Russian immigrant with no family in the United States, working on state-funded projects and striving for independence. When her husband shot her six times, she was unable to take care of her young children. While recuperating from her collapsed lung and bullets that could not be extracted from her body, her main concern was childcare. The Bloom Again Foundation provided her with $800 in child care assistance as she was recovering. 

The Bloom Again Foundation provides financial support for economically vulnerable working women when medical challenges arise. This month, we are partnering with the Bloom Again Foundation for our Broadway Bound show! Make sure to get tickets on the Theatre Americana website to support their amazing organization.

The Foundation was founded by Dr. Lois Frankel, along with a group of friends and colleagues with the mission to help women in need. At the time, Dr. Frankel was being treated for breast cancer, and realized how fortunate she was to have access to all the treatment she needed. Frankel realized that other women with the same diagnosis were not so fortunate and decided to help. When Dr. Frankel’s hair and eyelashes began to grow back, a friend said it looked as if she was “blooming again,” hence the organization’s name. 

The board of directors of the Foundation is a diverse group of women who volunteer and generously donate their time to help others financially. Rosetta Henderson, Carolyn Cooksey Sims, Rita Boccuzzi, Victoire Prothro, and Marisol Barrios Perez are all extremely hardworking women on the board. 

You can donate to the Foundation by going to their website, and attending Broadway Bound! Over 90% of your donation goes directly to women in financial need. See you on April 28th and 29th for the show!